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Modèle : M3S - Tri-Shot
Marque : UTG

DE/UTG M3s Tri-Shot Review

*NOTE: This is to be updated in the future*
-I do not have the sufficient time to finish at this moment
-No camera is present at this time, there is a lack of photos
-My first review

Table of Contents

  • ~*~First Impressions/Box
  • ~*~Externals
  • ~*~Firing/Performance
  • ~*~Features
  • ~*~Overview
  • ~*~6 Months After Purchase (Coming)
  • ~*~12 Months After Purchase (Coming)

First Impressions/Box
Ok, first off I ordered this from Evike and I got just fine. The box is laminated and really smooth, it also had a nice carrying handle. There are plenty of pictures of the gun on the box and list of the features.

What comes with it: The gun itself, a speed loader, sling, 2 shells, and your basic unjamming rod.

The gun has a perfect weight, not too light to feel like a little kid's toy, and not too heavy to make you sore after a game. It has a nice rubberized pistol grip and a nice rubberized pump handle.

Shells don't exactly look real, but from a distance they could fool someone. Each shell holds 30 rounds, so each shell should get you 10 shots. BUT I suggest you fill them to 20-25 so there is less tension on the spring and the shells will last longer.

*Note: I have the stock-less version, some information may vary between the stock and stock-less version.

Now, this is made of mostly medium/high quality ABS plastic. Don't let this urge you away from the gun though, it can take a decent beating and still keep firing. It has two sling attachment points both of which you can remove. One located above the pistol grip, and one located in front of the pump handle.

The rubber where you keep your hands on the gun when playing (pistol grip & pump handle) feels really smooth and it has indents so you wont lose your grip.

The shell door seems somewhat fragile to me and I feel I should be careful with it. The door is opened by pressing a small button/lever type thing. Sometimes this button can be hard to press and the door wont open, it is hard to quickly reload with this gun.

Coming soon, updated occasionally, with available time.
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