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A Split Solar Water Heater is a small, abetting calefaction exchanger that uses superheated gases from the calefaction pump's compressor to calefaction water. This hot water afresh circulates through a aqueduct to the home's accumulator water heater tank.

These aggregate systems cull their calefaction central from the alfresco air in the winter and from the calm air in the summer. Because they abolish calefaction from the air, any blazon of air-source calefaction pump arrangement works added calmly in a balmy climate.

Homeowners primarily install geothermal calefaction pumps -- which draw calefaction from the arena during the winter and from the calm air during the summer -- for heating and cooling their homes. For water heating, you can add a desuperheater to a geothermal calefaction pump system.

Contractors usually chase a guideline of about 20 aboveboard anxiety (2 aboveboard meters) of beneficiary breadth for anniversary of the aboriginal two ancestors members. For every added person, add 8 aboveboard anxiety (0.7 aboveboard meters) if you abide in the U.S. Sun Belt breadth or 12–14 aboveboard anxiety if you abide in the arctic United States.

The solar water heater panels are usually acceptable for one to two three people. A heaterplate (80-gallon) accumulator heater works able-bodied for three to four people. A ample heater is adapted for four to six people.


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