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China is the most powerful opponent of the USA in the development of burning laser weapons.Caused Chinese laser weapons had been deployed. China chose the right direction of developing burning laser weapon, laser weapon system will hit the UAVs within two kilometers.

Principle of high powered burning laser weapons
Li Jie ,Chinese navy military expert has said that regardless of the satellite or shoot down drones, the principle of laser weapons are the same, that is, fight against each other in an instant focus on energy. Russia and other major powers have also made great progress in the development of lasers.

The USA research of air based high powered laser weapon lasted for nearly 30 years. In February 2010, the US military destroyed a ballistic missile successfully with a liquid fuel at a maximum laser power. But the Committee concluded that this laser weapon device did not reach a predetermined parameter, so the plan was suspended in 2011. However,this work does not stopped completely.although the Americans did not obtaining the scheduled results, but the use of laser technical has made a great progress.

Short-range air defense sestem
The general Red Laser weapons mainly used for short-range air defense, the interception process are as follows: the external warning system found the target and gives the target trajectory by the command cente, laser weapons will be transferred to the target azimuth tracking launch system, to achieve accurate and stable target tracking.

It is said that the U.S. Navy's new laser weapon can destroy the boat or uav easily. However, at the field of nuclear physics, there is no one who can solve the problem of the laser beam scattering at the earth's atmosphere,based on that,the current high powered laser system can only used under a nice day when there is blank of the sky (less clouds and low humidity conditions ). However, at the current stage of laser technology, the strategic of using laser weapon at space is also realistic.


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