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Laser Lighting Will Replace LED
From the desire of the stars in the night sky to the stars to the earth, the history of the fight against the dark, is the history of human beings on the light from the control of the development. From the torch to candles, from the gas lamps to tungsten filament lamps, mankind's understanding of process materials also changed the morphology of the lamp, circa 2009, volume to be smaller and more bright more, LED lights began in developed countries into the main lighting popularity. LED light source is no longer just to play the role of lighting, it's changeable and flexible design features, making it more fit people's work life bit by bit.Laser pointer technology, which is the most influential technology to human beings since twentieth Century. From lighting to cutting to measurement, the application of laser technology in the flexible application in different occasions, and in the modern lighting industry, laser technology plays an important role in promoting the lighting industry's product innovation.
Laser illumination of visible light, infrared laser illumination. Visible burning laser pointers lighting, according to the principle of divided into the following two: 1. Blue light excited phosphor for white light illumination; 2. Red, green and blue laser synthesis of white laser, or color of light. Infrared laser lighting, more should be used for night vision, night camera monitoring lighting.
Burning Match Laser

With excess capacity, increasing competition, the development of many LED enterprises encounter bottlenecks. June 25, as the benchmark figure of LED lighting, 2014 Nobel Prize in physics for Nakamura attended the 2016 China - Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship fair, when accepting media to interview, his remarks may China led light future. Nakamura Shuji boldly predicted that the next ten years, green laser pointer lighting will replace the LED lighting.The efficiency of laser illumination is thousands of times of LED. It can not only increase the distance of projection, improve the safety, but also the volume is smaller and the structure is more compact. In addition to the field of lighting and laser display in a plurality of projector, digital cinema, television, stage lighting, large screen splicing, automotive and other areas, will have a more broad application. Nakamura Shuji think, "a laser lamp, lighting 100 square meters area is no problem." But because the 5000mw green laser is now the price is too high, so the application rate is not high, but the future is a big trend.
In talking about led enterprises in China in recent years to forced restructuring or even collapse tide, Shuji Nakamura think, many Chinese led enterprise problem of homogenization serious, in competition in the lack of advantage, "as China's iron and steel enterprises, overcapacity will lead to lower prices, in the self from the competition in the market, the natural formation of elimination mechanism."
LD laser and LED light from the source view is not much difference, is more of a YAG laser by 3000mw laser pointer radiation LED in semiconductor excitation light is increased after a fluorescence conversion, the main difference lies in the monochromatic laser vision is very good, LED will have wide spectrum, suitable screen, lighting, brightness is not compared, because the laser direction is very strong, is a light, if not processed brightness is much bigger than LED, laser RGB visual effect is not mature, only stay in the laboratory, laser projection, laser TV, just a concept, laser damage the main power on the eyes, a little direct eye laser would instantly penetrate the retina, causing blindness, the other is not what harm.


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