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Laser weapons, burning laser of high energy density ablation was irradiated target, the target melting,

gasification, so that the target by laser irradiation to form a pit or perforation, even caused by high temperature

high pressure and thermal explosion, resulting in the destruction of the target structure.

Laser guidance, laser guidance including laser homing guidance and laser beam guidance. Laser homing guidance, by a

bomb or missile high powered laser beam to illuminate targets, missile laser guided seeker guidance device using

diffuse reflection target or sensitive beam, target tracking guidance guided missile or bomb hit the target of

guidance technology. Laser beam riding guidance, by the laser emission system to target emission scanning coded

pulse. When the missile from the laser beam center, by missile laser receiver solution detection device error,

flight, formation control command, missile control along the line of sight flight.
A radar system for detecting the position and velocity of a target by a 100mw laser pointer beam. To the target

emission detection signal (laser beam), then the received reflected from the target return signal (target) and the

transmitted signal were compared, for proper treatment, which can obtain target related information, such as target

range, range, altitude, speed, posture, even the shape of parameters, to aircraft, missiles and other targets

detection, tracking and recognition.
Laser warning is a technique used to capture, measure and identify the enemy laser threat signal and real-time

warning. When the 200mw green laser beam is irradiated to the receiving system, the receiving system can converge to

the photoelectric sensor, and the signal is converted and processed.
Laser gyro, a kind of optical gyroscope without quality. The ring laser in inertial space rotates CCW light along

with the rotation and the effect of the frequency difference and to sensitive objects relative to inertial space

angle velocity and angle.


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