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Type : Vente
Prix : 2500 €
Temps restant : Expirée !

The original AN/PEQ-14 new in pouch.

The AN/PEQ-14 ILWLP is a Class 3b laser device which provides the user with either visible or infrared illumination of the target for target acquisition,
and either visible or infrared target aiming point for fire control. Both laser beams can be zeroed to the weapon and each other.

The laser beams can also be operated in combination with the visible and IR illumination beams.

Weapon Platforms: The AN/PEQ-14 is the replacement for the AN/PEQ-6A and is intended for use on the M9, CQBW and capable of attaching to any weapon that utilizes a MIL-STD-1913 rail.

everything came out with it from factory still with it.
(filters, battery, rail mount, air switch, driver...)

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shipping cost will be paid by seller


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mar., 08 mars 2011 11:01:23  volante :
Redband/ price is always can be negotiated.

Please send me a message and let's talk about it on email.

mar., 08 mars 2011 10:49:49  Redband :
I want it... But I don't have 2500€... :'(

mar., 08 mars 2011 10:34:38  volante :
It costs about $3500 as used one in US.

it is normal price.

mar., 08 mars 2011 09:39:23  jeremyplb :
Your over 2500€?

mar., 08 mars 2011 00:45:49  volante :
This is an IR invisible and visible LAM module.(4 modules)

It is the most advanced military weapon light in the world.

lun., 07 mars 2011 22:48:37  Remish55 :
ben c'est un vrai AN/PEQ pour PA les gars !!

lun., 07 mars 2011 21:35:44  jordan38 :
2500€ ce ptit truc? Oo'

lun., 07 mars 2011 19:50:42  Clem95 :
Airsoft project est un site francophone non ?

lun., 07 mars 2011 19:46:56  Timothy :
lampe + laser rs for pistol ?

lun., 07 mars 2011 18:05:13  jeremyplb :
c'est quoi ?

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