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However, what if vacuum robot cleaner had a pop up, morphing, non-puncture balloon system, and one which would change shape from time to time in the form of different small animals such as a mouse, squirrel, rat, or rabbit? Then the cat would be able to chase the device around, providing a good amount of exercise, and some in-house cat entertainment. After all, if you leave your cat for many hours during the day and come back, at least your cat would have something to play with. Something to stalk, guards against, and pounce on.

Indeed, before we domesticated these little animals, that's what they were doing in the wild, it's in their genes, and they like to play. Why not provide a fun play toy such as a Rumba cat home entertainment system? As automatic carpet cleaner came up to a piece of furniture which was too low, the balloon could temporarily deflate allowing it to get underneath, and then when it was clear of furniture it could pop up again in a different shape.


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lun., 13 avr. 2015 03:54:51  alazard :
why you put its you, its has nothing to do here

lun., 13 avr. 2015 03:50:20  alazard :
what ?

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