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<title>welcome to my blog to learn the news about laser pointer</title>

<p align="justify">No matter which kind of war, the two sides will try to use the most advanced scientific and technological "secret weapon" ". The time laser came out, the military experts attached great attention to developing laser weapons immediately.</p>
<p align="justify"><img src="http://www.lasereshop.com/images/p/Super-Blue-Laser-Pointer-2.gif" alt="High power green laser pointers"/><br />
<p align="justify">In the 70's, The Pentagon produced a secret action plan named "Eighth" , it contains much more details about the research of laser weapons. In 1972, researchers test the high power laser weapon at Lackland Air Force Base. This <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-27.html"><strong>high power laser</strong></a> beam hit the target successfully at 1 mile (1.6 km) away.After 3 years, they had developed a laser weapon which can shot moving plane. In March 23, 1983, the president Reagan published a "Star Wars Program", intended to establish the Laser weapon system at the outer space. A laser cannon is mounted on a space station or satellite which locate in a distance of 100 thousand kilometers from the ground The whole project will take 30 years time and need a huge of money($3000billion-$5000billion).</p>
<p align="justify">There is a laser range finder with a dual function, both ranging, and can play the role of laser pointer.This <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-25.html"><strong>burning laser</strong></a> can be installed on the weapon or instrument, can also carry, use it accurately tracking target indication lighting and laser information reflection to the "seeker", until it hits the target. This kind of weapon or instrument can also be used for night reconnaissance or tracking, with infrared laser scanning camera can be in 500 - 1000 meters of altitude photographs of ground buildings, cars, ships, aircraft, etc., and can accurately distinguish people travel in the peasants and soldiers.<br />
<p align="justify">The Soviet Union also had the similar plan of laser weapons.In the early 1980s, the Soviet Union had established a laser weapon system which can destroy the low orbit. In the 90's, they launched a man-made earth satellite equipped with a laser weapon. The first series of laser weapon system was came out. Other countries have no exception to the laser weapon's development . Such as the British warships have been installed by the United States to provide conventional laser weapons which had been put into combat.</p>
<p align="justify">To accurately determine the distance of the target, it is required to have both quasi - and fast range finder. Real life, need to test distance of many places, rivers, mountains and rivers, construction and artillery to volatile, ranging, and between the earth and the moon accurate distance test, to the national defense science and technology, industry and agriculture production and the industry related to the distance of the test are very important. However, the general optical distance measuring instrument, can not be better than accurate to achieve the actual needs of the degree of precision. Laser provides people with the most advanced and accurate measuring methods especially the <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-6.html">Green Laser</a> .</p>
<p align="justify">When the tank first appeared at the first World War, people from a monster of the steel body, see the it offensive and defensive ability is so harmony and unity! They give a nickname "the tank steel bunker".</p>
<p align="justify">In addition to the safety and reliability of laser simulated weapons, but also the pursuit of the realistic effect of the actual combat, but also can greatly save the huge expenditure of military exercises. For example, the actual value of an anti tank missile million yuan, and simulated by laser beam, the cost of a "laser missile launch is not to a fraction of it. If a military exercise in the past to cost tens of millions of dollars, then the <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/green-laserpointer/p-16.html">100mw laser pointer</a> simulation of military exercises can be saved into a million times the cost of.</p>
<p align="justify"><img src="http://www.lasereshop.com/images/p/30000mw-blaue-laser-zeiger-hq070047-263.jpg" alt="Waterproof laser pointer"/><br />
<p align="justify">In modern warfare, the weapon hit rate is very important, and with the development of laser weapons, the hit rate is increasing quickly. Nowadays, laser guided bomb has appeared. The head of the laser guided bomb is equipped with 4 laser receivers. The flight direction of the bomb is controlled by the 4 receiver outputs. If the 4 receivers receive the laser energy tends to be consistent, they will not produce a deviation signal and the bomb will run in the original direction. If one of a receiver receives less laser energy, it outputs a deviation signal to adjust the direction of the bomb's flight. It seems like a gun with a <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/laser-sight/p-29.html">Laser Sight</a> . As a matter of fact,after a laser beam reflected from the target,it will become a guided bombs that can go straight to the goal of the beacon.</p>
<p align="justify">According to the model, the base of the high energy laser emitter is like the tank car, the fuel tank and the laser device can move quickly, and the activity is strong. Roof tops visible such as camera obscura column is high-energy laser instrument of the upper part of the vibrating device conveys the tube, the two inflectional arm to convey. Optical sighting device and a tracking device in the head. This weapon can detect the enemy's tracks in the forest, it will not be like the general electronic instrument and radar, the failure in the near distance. It can also guide the direction of the intercontinental missile flight.It is not the <a href="http://www.lasereshop.com/red-laserpointer/p-59.html">laser pointer keychain</a> we used ordinary.</p>
<p align="justify">In 1973, the fourth Middle East War broke out, the two sides invested nearly 6000 tanks and armored vehicles more than 9000 vehicles within 18days which was the unprecedented battle tanks.</p>
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