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In fact, blue laser pointer processing equipment in addition to the ever-increasing demand for power, has been committed to the quality of equipment assurance and technology development. The cost-effective ratio of laser processing equipment refers to the continuous reduction of product prices relative to performance guarantees, so that customers really use "cheap" products, rather than to sacrifice product performance, reduce equipment configuration to reduce the price, nor is it simple The pursuit of processing efficiency at the expense of processing stability. Laser processing equipment stability and efficiency is a contradiction, the product in the industry and the application market has been widely recognized, the formation of the brand, because the equipment has been cutting the stability of the first place, and the stability of the main indicators are Equipment failure rate.

In recent years, domestic and international laser industry mergers and acquisitions frequently, because the laser industry low level of repeated investment seriously lead to overcapacity and industrial transformation and upgrading of the demand coexist. Before 2010, high-power green laser pointer equipment industry also belongs to high-profit high-return industry. However, due to investment and technical threshold is not high, a lot of money into the market quickly showed a vicious competition situation. However, many companies have overlooked that the industry in fact the process threshold is high. Do not attach importance to process development, in the homogeneous competition environment, in order to pursue a lower price advantage, reduce equipment configuration and thus reduce the performance of equipment becomes inevitable, which led directly to a group of enterprises died, a number of enterprises overcapacity. While the excess capacity to make the advantages of mergers and acquisitions to reduce the cost of mergers and acquisitions began to prevail this stage. On the other hand, with the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese market continues to deepen, as the transformation and upgrading tool industry, the laser industry into a period of rapid development.

Power laser welding machine, host, power supply, table, refrigeration unit split design; the machine into my company's new condenser cavity, the photoelectric conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, reflective surface and cooling medium without contact, cavity Long life, easy to replace xenon lamp and no need to adjust the optical path. PLC control and computer control in two ways to choose, the machine output power is stable, reliable performance, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, with coaxial, paraxial gas protection device to improve the welding quality; and optional high power laser cutting Head, for cutting to expand the processing range.

Since the second quarter of this year, the market demand for equipment, the rapid increase in power, and soon from 4KW, 6KW to 8KW. Has been the customer's demand to upgrade to more than million watts, mainly due to customer processing capacity of laser processing equipment and processing efficiency requirements. On the one hand is the original customer with the same material with the thickness of the material cutting efficiency requirements, on the other hand is constantly emerging new areas of laser technology processing needs, especially for ultra-thick processing of materials processing requirements to laser processing technology Alternative to other processing technology.

China's manufacturing industry and intelligent manufacturing is still very far away from the industry 2.0 to industrial 4.0, China still has a long way to go. Germany's industrial 4.0 has hard power, the US industrial 4.0 has soft power, while China's industrial 4.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 are simultaneously developed. On the red laser pointer industry, whether it is the market demand or industry requirements, from the equipment automation requirements are still distance, and intelligent requirements, whether technical or market base are far worse. However, in new areas of new markets, the demand for automation equipment has increased significantly, especially in key industries and high-end customers.


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