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December 2014, according to CNN cable news network reported, the U. S. Navy destroyed a without man-machine and water sailing boat successfully in the Middle East waters of the Persian Gulf with a burning laser weapon.

This is a carefully arranged test, there are two points are worth attention. Ponce, captain has been authorized to use the weapon system, which means if there is no human or boat provocation, the navy can use this weapon to fight, rouse system has been deployed.On the other hand, the test was chosen in the high temperature place (the Persian Gulf, known as the Persian Gulf, the environmental conditions are very serious). What is Routh shipborne laser short range defense system?Which level have the Laser weapon research and development come to? We have to start with lasers and laser weapons.

MIRACL laser weapon

In 1971, the United States Navy set up a high energy 5000mw Laser program management office, aimed at the development of laser weapons. At that time, the development direction is dioxide gas laser, but the power of carbon dioxide laser is not fast, it can not meet the needs. In the middle of 70s, they began to develop the direction of chemical lasers. In March 1978, chemical laser destroyed low flying "Tao" anti tank missiles successfully, and then start a chemical laser development plan.

Blue 10000mw Laser Pointer Pen 450nm

At the beginning of the eighties of the last century, Star Wars plan proposed by the Reagan administration, for development of 300mw Green Laser weapon injected huge amounts of money, the United States Air Force put efforts focused on the (belonging to gas lasers) oxygen iodine laser, the output power reaches megawatt level, the goal is destroyed intercontinental ballistic missiles from hundreds of kilometers away. The American overcome the key themes of laser deflection action research. According to the original idea, it can be took off 20-30 aircraft equipped with laser weapons at the same time.The distance development target is still far away, the ABL program change the name for ALTB.

Tactical high energy laser weapon

In the last century, the United States Army began a development of the tactical high energy 1000mw Laser Green weapon (THEL) with the Israel in 90s. The United States Army chose deuterium fluoride chemical lasers, which target output power reached 40 million kilowatts, can stop the aircraft, Rocket Intercept from 10 miles away. In 1996, the laser shot down 2 Soviet flying rockets at White Sands Missile range. But the laser weapon volume is huge,it cannot be loaded in ground vehicles and more than two kinds of laser weapons actually by chemical can as raw material, each shot needs to consume large amounts of oxygen iodine chemical agents.


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