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Advantages of Laser Weapons
Recently, Konstantin Sivkov, director of the Institute of geo political issues, said the Gatling laser weapon will be more efficient use of space, but the actual development of the laser weapon prototype still need decades.Earlier, the Russian Advance Research Foundation Chairman Andrew Grigoriev in an interview with RIA Novosti said that the development of laser weapons is a very complex project, our research work on laser weapon has only just begun.
Siv Kopf pointed out that the current prototype of the first burning cigarette with laser weapon has been developed, in particular, it is pointed out that the United States has been on the 'Pons' transport ship to carry out a test of the assembly, designed to destroy UAVs and missiles. The laser weapon has been completed the relevant experimental verification, but to achieve the level of intelligence will take decades."Said laser weapons can be widely used in various fields.
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The first is in the field of aerospace, because it has advantage of not carrying artillery ammunition, but to put into orbit a costly West husband Keefer added. But the main advantage of the green laser weapon is that it is an urgent need to hit the actual target of high-speed operation.Experts believe that the "laser weapon enable us to do not deliberately calculated the trajectory of a moving object, to judge its coordinates.
In addition, in the aerospace field, any atmospheric phenomenon will not affect the laser 3000mw beam, which further enhance the efficiency of laser weapons".At the same time, Siv Kopf stressed that so far there are still some technical problems have not been resolved, affecting the development and application of high efficiency laser weapons.
In fact, the Blue Laser Pointer weapon is only one of the booster segment, the United States had planned to develop a fighter aircraft to carry air launched missile interceptor missile technology. Zhang Yang told reporters: "the laser weapons for anti missile can boost phase intercept effect of the best hair.
Because of the ballistic missile in terminal flight, to solve the re entered the atmosphere and the air friction at high temperature, the warhead usually are equipped with high-performance heat-resistant protective layer, the unexpectedly increases the green laser 5000mw weapons to fight against the difficulty, and in the boost phase does not exist such a problem. "


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