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Date :
10 avril 2010 au 11 avril 2010

Description :
Activities will continue throughout eastern Slovakia, from east to west, and the whole campaign will be guided by Theme motivated by the war in Vietnam. The whole campaign has VIETNAM DAILY name and in it we will try to keep Action, so that we faithfully within our possibilities, and especially show the campaign uhrali. Our aim is to create a playable scenario for all forms of combat operations in this war had a decisive influence on its course. Actions will copy itself priebeh conflicts since the beginning to the end and will also take place in different environments (forest, built-up area) based on the fair master.

PART ONE: The Battle of the Valley of La Drang (Operation X-RAY)


Started the war in Vietnam and the Pentagon, it was clear that the French do not want to go as they must use other means of warfare as they had in Indochina. This has prompted the emergence of a new division. Obtained attribute aeromobilná Division - 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile). The new method of transport used by the transport of live material, equipment and weapons and 440 helicopters. In July 1965, began moving troops to Camp Radcliffe, An Khe in the South Vietnam. Division had with the 101 Airborne Division to try a new tactic aeromobilného fight for the abundant support helicopters. Shortly after arriving in Vietnam participated in the battle of La Drang in which communist forces led to heavy losses and forced them to stop the planned offensive by the Central highlands. The tactics deployed soldiers invented, known hunter-killer.


14th November 1965 was posted 7th regiment to ensure the Ia Drang Valley, which stands at the border hill Chu Mon. Hill interwoven network of tunnels was based on the AFA, however, what the Americans did not know. Partisans prudently assess the situation and given that they were roughly tenfold preponderance of numerous Americans decided to attack.
7th regiment was in siege, but has steadfastly defended the whole day and night. The situation has become increasingly complex. Wounded American soldiers have been relegated by military helicopter. Helicopters also privážali ammunition and troops to provide cover. To assist the besieged were also used artillery and aircraft, strategic bombers B-52, they were in direct support of units used for the first time. Noting partisans, the inability to defeat the enemy withdrew to Cambodia, where the Americans were not allowed to chase them.
After the persecution of the Vietnamese-Cambodian border to enable both parties to assess the outcome of battles. Fell more than 4,500 guerrillas, the Americans lost 229 soldiers and 250 were wounded. The essential was that the Americans stopped the procedure and partisans VLA central highlands. It was the first major contact U.S. troops and regular army units of North Vietnam.


It will be divided into 4 parts:
1st Ensure the landing zone (the role of MT)
2nd Destroy the lost crew (the role of CT)
3rd Conquest of the hill CHU PON (MT attacks and prevents CT)
4th Rescue Explorer

1st The event will airborne Blue Team (U.S.) in the valley of shadows. Firecrackers explosion marks the beginning of the action. MT role is to provide a landing area for the airdrop of helicopters, marked by flag and protect it from conquest. MT medico plays (after the second intervention is a player for 5 min respawn), CT playing deathmatch.
Summary: MT does airdrop, and provide a landing zone to protect it from conquest (stolen flags).
Su is to conquer and steal the flag from the landing zone.

2nd MT withdrawn part of the players outside the landing zone, CT is to find and destroy the lost unit MT.
Summary: Su must find and destroy the lost unit MT (MT flags captured)
MT will remain in place until the arrival of reinforcements.

3rd MT is to conquer the frontier hill CHU PON (a system of trenches and bunkers in Dien Bien Phu)
Summary: MT conquer the hill and capture the flag.
Su resists.

4th In the area of 100 m at Dien Bien Phu is hurt American explorer.
Summary: MT Explorer to find the injured and carry them on stretchers to a landing area.
Su MT transport the injured to prevent the landing area.

The event ends at shipping it explorer landing area.

Further instructions will be given a briefing on the action.


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