How to find Negative Effects of Heroin o

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How to find Negative Effects of Heroin o

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How to find Negative Effects of Heroin o myalbum

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mer., 23 déc. 2020 09:40:47  jimjim :
What is Heroin and what are its side effects?

Heroin is a natural extract that is take from the seeds of opium poppy plant that is once native of Thailand, Burma and Laos. Now it is native to Afghanistan and South West Asia. It is a highly addictive drug that is also known as diamorphine. Due to its euphoric effects it is widely used as a recreational drug and the user either injects it into his or her body, inhales or consumes via smoking. It is very quick in action and enters into the brain of users and binds with opioid receptors on cells located in many areas. Earlier it was used for opioid replacement therapy, as a pain reliever and cough suppressant. In this article we are going to discuss about heroin in urine, toxicity and various tests which show the presence of Heroin in your system?

Few Tests and Side Effects of Heroin when present in your System:

There are few drug tests which show the presence of Heroin in your system. The first test which is regularly conducted on users is the Urine Test. The others include blood, hair and saliva of the effected person. This drug mainly affects the kidneys and liver of the user and has various other effects when present in the body. An over dosage of this drug may lead to death of the person.

There are commonly two types of urine testing the one which is conducted using an instrument and the other which is conducted with a dip-strip and is known as non-instrument testing.

a) Instrument Testing: As said earlier it includes an instrument that is used to test the presence of Heroin in your body through scientific analytical methods. The users sample is taken randomly, and is sent to a highly regulated lab that is certified and tested by highly qualified and experienced lab technicians who are then reviewed by a medical physician or scientist.

Some tests give accurate and precise reading, while sometimes when urine is adulterated with water, household products and other substitutions such as other person’s urine then the reports may vary. Thus, proper storage and delivery of samples to labs is very essential for accurate reading of Heroin in one’s system.

b) Non-Instrument Testing: It is a kind of testing that involves a device known as dip-strip or cup to analyze the urine sample immediately after its collection. It is the same kind as is done for pregnancy confirmation using a commercially available drug test kits, where you will get the result on the spot instantly. If used properly then they are very sophisticated and useful in long run. If gives a positive test then it is confirmed that Heroin is present in his body, but there are chances of false positive test and at that time an instrument testing is highly recommended by Healthlinerx and beneficial.


Hope the information regarding the presence of Heroin in one’s body was informative. Among the various tests conducted on users the Urine Testing is more beneficial as it depicts the presence of heroin in urine, toxicity Instrument Testing is more beneficial than the Non-Instrument Testing.

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